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Managing Users and Invitations in RAW

The User Management panel offers the means to add/invite, remove or edit users for any given organization. Only users with User Manager or Administrator roles have the ability to operate User Management.

Accessing User Management view is done via selecting the User Management tab of the left sidebar. The main view is the following:

RAW_Labs user-management

RAW_Labs user-management

In this view, registered users are shown, along with their metadata such as:

  • Account: user email
  • Role: if the user is a producer, then this column shows the respective role.
  • Scopes: if the user is consumer, then this column shows the respective scopes.
  • State: indication of user state, such as Active, Inactive and Pending. Active users are registered entities that can use RAW. Inactive users are temporarily blocked from using RAW. Pending state refers to users being added / invited but not having accepted their invitation yet.

Apart from user metadata, there are control buttons that enable user addition, removal and editing. These operations are analyzed below.

Invite new User(s)

Initialize invitation

User addition is accomplished by sending email invitations. Invited users can accept their invitation and update their registration status to Active.

User invitation is initiated by clicking Add User, so the following screen will pop up:

RAW_Labs user-management

User emails can be directly entered in the form or copy/pasted from another source, like text editor or excel spreadsheet:

RAW_Labs user-management

Adding invalid emails will result in an error message:

RAW_Labs user-management

Adding an existing email will also emit an error message:

RAW_Labs user-management

Bulk invitations

Bulk user invitation is permitted. In this case, all invited users will share the same permissions.

Specifying multiple user emails is accomplished by one of these separators: "enter", "comma", "tab".

RAW_Labs user-management

Currently, there is a limit of 30 users per invitation. If this limit is excedeed then a respective error message is shown:

RAW_Labs user-management


In Consumer invitations, a set of scopes can be granted:

RAW_Labs user-management

Scope search is provided by typing in the respective search text field:

RAW_Labs user-management

New scope definition and assignment is also provided:

RAW_Labs user-management


In Producer invitations, the respective roles are granted:

RAW_Labs user-management

Admin and User Manager roles are mutually exclusive (admin role is a superset of user manager role):

RAW_Labs user-management

Mixed user type (consumers & producers)

A user can also be both consumer and producer. In this case, both scopes and roles can be specified:

RAW_Labs user-management

Upon successful invitation, the respective entry will be presented in Pending state:

RAW_Labs user-management

When the invited user accepts the invitation, then her state will change into Active state.

Edit User

Users can be edited by clicking on the Edit button:

RAW_Labs user-management

Based on the type of user begin edited (consumer, producer, mixed), the following screen will pop up:

RAW_Labs user-management

There is no restriction in the editing extent. Indicatively,

Clicking on Save will complete user update.

Remove User

Users can be removed by clicking on the Remove button:

RAW_Labs user-management

For safety reasons, no producer assigned with Administrator role can be removed directly. That user needs to be stripped off her Administrator role first and then removed.

Roles and Permissions

Users of a single RAW environment are members belonging to an Organization in RAW.

An Organization may have multiple Repositories. Members may assume different Roles, assigned by the Administrator:

Global Roles and Permissions

These roles are at the Organizational level:

Billing ManagerManage all aspects of Billing
User ManagerManage Users within the Organization
Repository ManagerManage Repositories within the Organization
AdministratorAll permissions

Local Roles and Permissions

These roles are per Repository:

Repository ManagerAll permissions within a Repository
Credentials ManagerManage Data Source credentials within a Repository
DeveloperDevelop, Run and Test Queries within a Repository

Consumer Roles

Consumers are users with execution permissions. They see all endpoints of the organization for which they have the corresponding scopes.