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Learn how to authorize RAW to read Dropbox.

How to create

RAW supports accessing multiple Dropbox accounts to read data. The first step is to navigate to the respective control entry in Credentials view:


By clicking on the dropbox button, a new tab emerges prompting for the user's dropbox credentials.

Dropbox Login

After providing then credentials, please press Sign In. A warning that RAW will be able to access your data will emerge, please press Continue.

Dropbox Confirmation

Then press 'Allow' in order for RAW to be able to access your data from Dropbox.

Dropbox Allow

Next, an Authorization Code is shown. Copy this code and get back to the RAW application (previous tab).

Dropbox Code

Finally, provide a friendly name for your Dropbox Credential and paste the code in the Authorization Code area.

Dropbox Provide Code

Press save, and you are ready to go!

Dropbox Provide Code

How to use from Snapi

Syntax for reading dropbox data in Snapi: