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Temporal templates

The functions Timestamp.Parse, Date.Parse and Time.Parse will parse the corresponding type from a string using a template.

For example:

Timestamp.Parse("2018-02-01 01:02","yyyy-MM-dd H:m")

Date and time templates are specified by letters representing the components of a date or time.

The following patterns are supported:

dday of month
Dday of year
Mmonth of year (7, 07, Jul, July)
Yweek based year, see java doc for more info.
wweek of week based year (1-53)
eday of week (2, Tue, Tuesday)
Hhour of day (0-23)
Khour of day (0-11)
mminute of hour
ssecond of minute
Sfraction of second
aam or pm
'escape for text (‘foo’, ‘bar’)

When repeated, these characters indicate a minimum number of characters the string should match.

  • MMM parses short month names (Jan, Feb) and MMMM parses full month names (January, February).

  • yy parses as the last two digits of a year with a base year of 2000 (18 parses as 2018, 95 parses as 2095).

  • e parses day of week (1-7), eee parses short week day names (Mon, Tue) and eeee parses full week day names (Monday, Tuesday).


Raw follows java conventions for date templates see java documentation for more info.