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Learn how to union or merge data.

Two collections can be merged together using Collection.Union. Two lists can be merged together using List.Union.

These functions behave similarly: they takes two or more collections as parameters and concatenates them into one.

In the example, two datasets - one with summer olympic games data and another with winter olympic games data - are merged and then queried as if they were a single one. This allows users to see data from both olympic games as if they were a single dataset.

let summer = Csv.InferAndRead(""),
winter = Csv.InferAndRead(""),
olympics = Collection.Union(summer, winter)
in ...

If you want to try this example, you can deploy the following endpoint:

Tutorial 5 - Merging two collections
Learn how to merge two datasets.

Sample usage:


For instance, to merge both summer and winter olympics for France for the year of 1992: