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RAW is a comprehensive platform that accelerates data engineering projects by allowing developers to easily access, integrate, and deliver data services as APIs. The platform includes development tools, testing, CI/CD, hosting and managed operations.

Data Integration

Integrate data in real-time without ETL/ELT pipelines by building APIs that join and serve data in real-time.
No need to build data lakes or data warehouse, or using tools such as DBT, Denodo or MuleSoft.

Data Augmentation

Augment your existing data integration ETL/ELT pipelines with real-time data using RAW.
More powerful than FiveTran or DBT, safer and more maintenable than Python scripts.

Data Sharing

Share data in real-time as APIs to internal or external users and applications.
Safer than custom coding. Avoid creating new data pipelines or extend existing ones.

If you have questions/comments, you can find here how to reach us.