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Real-time data augmentation

Learn how to use RAW to augment your data pipelines in real-time.

To get started, see the Examples section below.

RAW allows you to augment your data pipelines with real-time information from external systems. For instance, you can use RAW to enrich your datasets with publicly available data, or use RAW to process your data using external data cleaning or transformation services, or build a service that reacts to information that is available externally - e.g. monitor a Twitter stream. All these and more are possible and easy to implement in RAW.

To augment your data pipelines with RAW, you start by building REST APIs. These REST APIs are developed using RAW's built-in language called Snapi. Snapi is a low-code scripting language that provides advanced querying and transformation capabilities over atabases, data lakes, files or web services. Once you've built the REST API in RAW that provides your desired real-time data, you then integrate this API with your existing data tools, whether ETL/ELT tools like DBT, MuleSoft, Denodo, or visualization tools like Tableau or others. This avoids having to build or modify existing data pipelines, which in turn means you get to deliver projects faster and with access to real-time data.

How does it work?

  1. Create/Design an API in RAW.
  2. Write the Snapi code to power that API.
  3. Deploy.
  4. Consume the RAW API from your ETL/ELT pipeline or visualization tool.


To learn how to augment data in RAW, we have compiled a few examples to get started. Click below, follow the instructions to clone the example, create your own RAW account if you do not have one, and get started using RAW today!

Next Steps

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