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Deprecated version

This document refers to a deprecated version of the RQL programming language.

Please go here for documentation related to the latest supported version.

Reads many HJSON files - directories or wildcards - from a file system location.

encoding := "utf-8",
cache := <default interval>,
retries := <default int>,
retry_interval := <default interval>
http_method := "get",
http_body := null,
http_body_string := null,
http_headers := [],
http_args := [],
http_auth_cred_name := null,
http_token := null,
http_token_url := null,
http_client_id := null,
http_client_secret := null,
http_renew_token_use_basic_auth := false,
http_username := null,
http_password := null)

Each file in a directory or wildcard match must be of compatible type. If each file contains a collection, then all files are UNIONed into a single large collection. Otherwise, all files are concatenated into a single large collection.

The optional arguments starting with http, like http_method, define specific http request options; refer to :ref:HTTP Optional Arguments <http_optional_args>.