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Deprecated version

This document refers to a deprecated version of the RQL programming language.

Please go here for documentation related to the latest supported version.

Reads an Excel table from a location.

sheet := "Sheet1",
x0 := 0,
y0 := 0,
y1 := null,
cache := <default interval>,
retries := <default int>,
retry_interval := <default interval>,
http_method := "get",
http_body := null,
http_body_string := null,
http_headers := [],
http_args := [],
http_auth_cred_name := null,
http_token := null,
http_token_url := null,
http_client_id := null,
http_client_secret := null,
http_renew_token_use_basic_auth := false,
http_username := null,
http_password := null)

The <type> is the type of each row of data.

The optional arguments starting with http, like http_method, define specific http request options; refer to :ref:HTTP Optional Arguments <http_optional_args>.


At this point, the Excel syntax without inference is cumbersome and error prone to use. It will be changed in an upcoming release. Please use the syntax with inference instead for the time being.