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Deprecated version

This document refers to a deprecated version of the RQL programming language.

Please go here for documentation related to the latest supported version.

List all tables in a schema from a registered RDBMS server.

LS_TABLES(<location>, cache := <default interval>)

Fails with a runtime error if:

  • the server is not registered
  • schema is null for servers that use schemas e.g. Oracle, PostgreSQL.
  • schema is not null for servers that do not support schemas e.g MySQL.
LS_TABLES("oracle://ora_server/some_schema") // ["oracle:ora_server/some_schema/table1", ...]
LS_TABLES("mysql:mysql_server") // ["mysql:mysql_server/table1", ...]

For database urls the double slash '//' is optional so 'mysql:server1' is equivalent to 'mysql://server1'