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What is RAW?

RAW is a platform to enable fast and easy access, integration, delivery and sharing of data services as APIs. This includes:

  1. Query multiple data sources in real-time including files, data lakes, databases and APIs;
  2. Integrate and transform data in real-time;
  3. Deliver and manage the data product output as APIs;
  4. Share access to the APIs with any number of users or applications.

RAW's use cases cover the entire data chain from acquisition, transformation as well as sharing.

RAW main features are:

  • Runs in the Cloud in a scalable infrastructure that is fully managed for you.
  • Uses a low-code data-oriented scripting language called Snapi that is easy to get started and powerful enough for the most complex data integration scenarios.
  • Built for "developers first", with best-in-class development experience on the browser and through a VS Code extension.
  • Is DataOps-ready and "automation friendly", including Git integration and a built-in CI/CD infrastructure for testing and hosting data APIs.

If you have questions/comments, reach out to us directly or leave a message in our discussion forum.

Next Steps‚Äč

As the next step, we recommend browsing through the Use Cases section. Here you can learn how to use RAW to solve common data engineering problems.

Otherwise, you may also be interested in the following:

  • Read our Getting Started guide to learn how to develop in RAW.
  • Create data APIs from existing examples by visiting our API Hub where you can browse existing data APIs and create your own.
  • See how and where to engage the Community and Support and learn more.