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Integration with GitHub Branches

RAW supports them as first class citizens. Users have the ability to define an arbitrary number of branches, each potentially containing a different version of their endpoints, or even completely different endpoints. In any case, all of these branches can be visualized by RAW Branches tab. In this tab, users can view the available repository branches as well as their current status.


There are three elements of interest:

  • Name: branch name as defined in Git repository
  • API URL: this is the root URL specified in the site configuration
  • Status: Indication of whether the current branch is Active or not. An Inactive branch implies that the branch is not currently deployed in the RAW platform. This is useful for branches that are still under development and not ready to be deployed yet. To render a branch as Inactive, check the site configuration docs.

This is a read-only view of the available branches. Control over these entities can only be accomplished via Git.