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VS Code and RAW

To enable the best development and test experience, RAW has made use of Microsoft Visual Studio Code. The key features of this IDE are its popularity, ease of use, integration with Git, and a powerful extension mechanism that allows custom functionality.

RAW provides an extension for VS Code, which is available from the VS Code Marketplace. For the full feature list, and how to install, please refer to the VS Code Extension Reference Guide

If you're a user of another IDE, and would like us to consider providing RAW support inside another product, please Contact Us to discuss, we'd love to hear from you.

Watch our Get Started Video

In addition to our simple Get Started instructions, watch our video below showing how to get going with RAW and Visual Studio Code:

You can also watch direct on YouTube, and skip to sections using these links below:

RAW Developer Interaction Diagram

As a Developer using VS Code and our RAW Extension, you have a single interface to interact with GitHub and our RAW DataOps platform.

  • Write queries
  • Test endpoints
  • Branch and merge

RAW Development Interactions Overview