Welcome to the RAW tutorial.

This tutorial is split into a series of short-self contained notebooks that use the RAW client for Jupyter Notebooks.

During your first run, we recommend to follow the tutorial in sequence, as concepts are introduced gradually. After you are familiar with the concepts introduced, feel free to jump to the relevant notebook as needed.

Feedback is most welcome!


  1. First Query
  2. Data Discovery
  3. Creating And Using Views
  4. Querying Complex Data
  5. Producing Complex Data
  6. Advanced Data Discovery
  7. SQL Compatibility
  8. Caching
  9. Materialized Views
  10. Tables
  11. Advanced Language Features
  12. Packages
  13. Data Catalog
  14. Output Formats
  15. Querying Web Services
  16. Creating Web Services
  17. Managing Credentials
  18. Querying Relational Database Systems
  19. Debugging Queries
  20. Python Integration
  21. Best Practices