Using the Tableau Connector

The Tableau connector allows the Tableau Server to retrieve results from RAW queries. These results will become “Extracts” in Tableau.

The typical scenario is where RAW is used to process data using Raw SQL. The query results are then loaded to the Tableau Server, where data can be further visualized or integrated with other sources.


Remember that Tableau supports only tables. Therefore, the only RAW queries that can be accessed by Tableau are those that produce “simple” tables as their output. This is a limitation of Tableau, not of RAW. Unlike Tableau, RAW supports a broader set of data, including hierarchies, trees or collections of primitive types.


This procedure has been tested with the following setup:

  • Microsoft Windows operating system

  • Tableau Server 9.3

  • Tableau Desktop 9.3


The installation consists of two steps: * Installating the RAW connector in the Tableau Server; * Configure RAW to grant permissions to the Tableau Server. The procedure assumes that Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop are already installed, and that the Tableau Desktop has already been configured to the use the Tableau Server.

Installing RAW Connector

Start by downloading the RAW connector into the machine where the Tableau Server is installed. After downloading, extract the contents of the ZIP file.

In the Tableau Server, open the Windows Command Prompt by pressing Windows Key + R then typing cmd.

Go to the directory where the Tableau Server executables are installed. This is typically done with:

cd C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\9.3\bin

Now you must add the RAW connector files into the Tableau server. (The PATH_TO_RAW_CONNECTOR is the directory where you extracted the contents of the ZIP file containing the RAW connector):

tabadmin.bat import_webdataconnector --overwrite <PATH_TO_RAW_CONNECTOR>/raw-tableau-wdc.js

Do the same for the second file:

tabadmin.bat import_webdataconnector --overwrite <PATH_TO_RAW_CONNECTOR>/raw-tableau-wdc.html

The tool will print an output URL, such as http://host:8000/webdataconnectors/raw-tableau-wdc.html

Copy this URL since you will need it in RAW, to grant Tableau permission to execute queries in RAW.

Authorize Tableau

The final step is to authorize Tableau to execute queries in RAW.

Go to , then .

Create a unique “Client Name” for your tableau connection, e.g. my-tableau. Paste the URL given by Tableau into the URL field.

Click .

If successful, you should see a message “In Tableau use the URL: …”. Copy over this URL. You will need to use the Tableau connector.

Using the connector

To execute RAW queries directly from Tableau, launch the Tableau Desktop. (Requirement: the Tableau Desktop must be already configured to use the Tableau Server where the RAW connector was installed.)

Now add a “Web Data Connector” source. In the URL field, past the URL given to you by RAW after authorization.

RAW will request your credentials. After successful authentication, you should see the list of your queries that are available to Tableau.


Remember that Tableau supports only tables. Therefore, only queries whose output is a table are available for importing to Tableau. These are the queries whose output is a collection of records of primitive types.