Hardware Requirements

VM or physical host with:

  • Intel Xeon E5 v3 (Haswell) or later, quad-core CPU.

  • Min 8 GB RAM. At least 16 GB RAM recommended.

  • Min. 32GB of free disk space. Larger recommended for caching.

  • 1GBps LAN.

Number of servers:

  • Typical deployment ranges from 2 to 8 servers.

  • Large setups possible. Scalability limits: Hadoop/Spark-scale: O(100) nodes.


RAW officially supports the following configurations on AWS:

  • m5/c5/r5 class machines running CentOS 7.6 version 1810

RAW will likely work in other machine classes and with other Linux distributions, but configurations other the above are untested and unsupported.